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Eating Disorder Therapy in Pennsylvania

Are you struggling with your relationship with food, body, or exercise and you live in Pennsylvania?  Serendipity Counseling Services can help you out!  We practice virtual eating disorder therapy in Pennsylvania to anyone located inside the state.

Where do I need to be located in Pennsylvania in order to receive services?

Whether you are near Philadelpha in Radnor or Swathmore, near Pittsbourgh in Upper St. Clair, or out in the boonies of Williamsport, we can help with eating disorder therapy in Pennsylvania.  

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is online therapy that is done on a secure HIPPA compliant video platform.  You will be sent a new link every week through Simple Practice in order to provide security for each session.

Why teletherapy?

We have found that online therapy has been an easy for for busy folks, like yourself to be able to practice self care and get the help and support you need, all while being in your own home.  No more driving down route 80 to rush to your appointment after work.  You can now log in while sitting next to your pet and under a cozy blanket.

Whether you are located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, or Florida, Serendipity Counseling Services is here to help!

We are here to support your journey of recovery and healing in Pennsylvania.  To get started, click here to get to know more about us and fill out this form for a free consultation.  Begin your journey to healing your relationship with food and body!

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